More people are becoming aware and more are focusing on conservation of natural resources and cleanliness of the environment. Thanks to recycling of plastic, recycling computers is also getting famous. But where can you do the recycling of your obsolete computer? What is the process? Why should you do it? How can you recycle the computer? Let’s find out.

Why should you recycle computers?

It has been estimated that an average computer monitor is home to around 6% lead by weight. When a computer monitor or circuit board is discarded, most part of the lead leeches into groundwater, and ends up polluting the air and water.  Many companies end up shipping outdated computer monitors and circuit boards to developing nations and use the nations as a dump yard due to the latter’s weak environmental protection regulations.

Moving the problem doesn’t solve this issue. Getting recycling done at the recycling center Mountain View is the solution.

What is computer recycling Mountain View?

The process of extracting valuable secondary raw materials from old and not-in-use computers is called computer recycling. According to the EPA estimates, around 30 to 40 million personal computers get ready for recycling every year. So you are not using your computer anymore…or you have upgraded your computer and not using the older one. No matter what the reason is but e-waste needs to be recycled a different way. Computers are an example of electronic waste. And, because of the material used in making computers, getting rid of the computer is hard since it becomes harmful for the environment. Computers contain several dangerous materials and metals like mercury but also contain some reasonably priced materials that can be sold through recycling. Some materials are worth recovering so they can be further sold for a price such as aluminum, copper, and some plastics, etc.

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