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Incorporated under Bluestar, Inc. Mountain View E-waste is specialized in dealing with all the paradigms of electronics reverse logistics. Our experienced professionals offer the most reliable recycling solutions related to collection, transportation and storage services. We bring the expertise to help you in a customized manner so that you can get the best solution for all your financial and security needs.

Technology disposal isn’t an easy regulatory issue, that’s why we stand tall in endowing apt services for your reverse supply chain. Being a prominent brand, we even take on the management of organizations so they can be assured it’s done with utmost safety, efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness.

Logistics Solutions Management

Being a reputed recycling brand, we clearly understand how important reverse logistics process is, thus our experts offer best solutions at affordable prices. We, at Mountain E-waste, promise to deliver you a plethora of following services.

Logistics Management

While relocating the customer’s electronic assets to another location, we keep an eye on ways to minimize cost while maintaining safe transportation protocol. The services mainly include On-site pick pack, local transportation and secure transportation.

Meeting Legislative Obligations

When offices are about to get close, they need space to store their equipment. This is where Mountain E-waste comes into the picture. Our team picks up, store and send that equipment needed by our clients.

Equipment Reuse

Our team promises to deliver the most inexpensive and eco-friendly solutions that help to meet all legislative obligations and customer needs in an efficient way.

Logistics Services Offered

Pallets for Pick up

In entire California, we offer the best pallet pick up services. While collecting pallets for reusing, the arrangement of incoming pallets is quite important. Our experts pick up pallets of different sizes and footprints, no matter how big they are.

Larger Pallets are helpful for Dismantling

Undoubtedly, pallets of larger size can be useful for building smaller pallets. Longer pieces can be recovered from dismantled pallets and then sharpened to the desired measurement.

Plastic Pallets

The plastic pallets are proprietary and come in an array of sizes and shapes. For plastic pallets, markets may exist. However, the availability of new plastic pallets confines the price of used plastic pallets in the market.

Presswood Pallets

Presswood pallet is another type of pallet we recycle. These kinds of pallets are more unbending than numerous plastic pallets. Furthermore, they can be easily resold and exchanged.

iGPS Pallets

These are proprietary rental pallets that must be returned to iGPS. Our team picks up iGPS pallets from your place and sends back to the respected proprietors.

Furniture Pick up & Recycling

We offer the best pick up facility from your residence with least hassle. Our experts are compassionate and skillfully prepared to pick up abandoned furniture items you never need or utilize. Whether its computer tables, dressing tables, boxes and chairs, we carry out all furniture recycling solutions in an ideal manner.

We take your furniture to certified recycling centers so you can take a breath of relief knowing your old items are being put to great use. Giving your things to recycling also helps to ease our service cost in the form of a tax-deductible receipt and hence we’ll be able to donate recycled products on your name. Undoubtedly, not all the wood items are heavy. Contact us and we’ll be there to assist you in no time.

Container Rentals

Pick up of Batteries

We offer pick up of each battery type, no matter how many numbers of batteries you have. Just call us and we’ll handle anything to everything. We strive hard to offer you the best battery recycling solutions that you need. Everything from customer batteries to industrial batteries, our services are aimed to handle us all the diligent work with an aim to reach the goal. With an objective to offer best pick up solutions, we recycle each kind of battery namely lithium-particle batteries, Lead acid batteries, UPS batteries, lead-corrosive batteries, telecom batteries and much more. Our top concern is to deliver the best services to the customers for what they have invested in.

Pick up of Styrofoam

It is popularly known as Expanded Polystyrene. It is a material that never separates and when it’s scorched, it creates a harmful toxic ash. Our team focuses on to encourage the safest and best recycling of Styrofoam. Their recycling is quite necessary as they are quite harmful to the environment.

For every pick up, we need a minimum number of 2 mass packs. Being known for the best pick up solutions, we offer services week after week even in the urban communities as well.

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