Electronic waste, also referred as e-waste is the disregarded or obsolete electronic items. Some of the examples of e-waste include home appliances such as TV, microwave, computer, fan, DVDs and information technology equipment like laptops, PC, mobile phones, monitor, mouse etc. Recycling of e-waste is a growing trend and everyone is indulging in e-waste recycling in order to protect our environment.

E-waste recycling is much harder than the recycling of other materials. It requires a special company to perform this task. Choose the best recycling Mountain View.

The hierarchy of e-waste includes the following:

  1. Reuse– the functioning units of the electronic items are donated to the ones who need them
  2. Repair– the parts that can be repaired are repaired and remanufactured
  3. Recovery– the components that are functional are reused
  4. Recycle– the materials that cannot be repaired are recycled and then made ready for use
  5. Responsible disposal- the waste material is disposed of in landfills responsibly not causing any harm to the environment

Following the above hierarchy, you contribute a lot to the environment. Send a pickup request to the best recycling center Mountain View.

Save the environment by e-waste recycling!

  • Electronic waste contains toxic material that causes harm to the human beings as well as the environment. E-waste recycling reduces air and water pollution.
  • E-waste recycling enables the protection of natural resources. You can save the non-renewable resources and reuse them to produce new products.
  • With e-waste recycling, you reduce the space of landfills. If landfills are increased, the planet would become even more polluted.
  • If everyone would be aware of e-waste recycling, soon more and more e-waste recycling companies would open providing more employment opportunities.

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