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Our Electronic Recycling company, is one of the best, global asset disposition companies bar none! Our primary specialty is to provide a one-stop solution for data security, electronic recycling and environmental conservation. We also promote value retrieval on IT asset funds for various large-scale businesses and various methods of data destruction and e-waste recycling.

Our forte is to uphold the all-inclusive data, asset disposition hub, complete data safety and environmental sustainability and conservancies. We offer best in class and results-oriented data retrieval amenities for all niches.

We offer premium services like data destruction, e-waste recycling, free pickups for companies, asset disposition, buy-back programs and environmental preservation of all forms of information-technology assets.

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We are one of the top-notch asset disposition companies offering end to end solutions in the global market. We are experts in…

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Mountain View E-Waste offers premium services of Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction to an eminent, global market……

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Our enhanced e-waste recycling processes are divided into 4 steps. The final outcome of the entire process ensures maximum recyclability and proper disposal…

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We offer comprehensive, proven, end-to-end IT asset disposition services. Our services include data security and destruction…



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Electronic Recycling

We are an efficient and expert recycler, who reprocess all important IT wastes in compliance with regulatory bodies and standards. Along with other environmental impact, recycle helps to reduce…

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Inside Bay Area, we offer free e-waste pick up minimum of one pallet. So make a Pickup Request now and we will be there within 24 hours. A free Drop-Off for everyone is welcomed at our address.

Fund Raising Events

Mountain View e-Waste is always ready to give its contribution for social causes so we frequently organize fundraising programs for non-profit organizations and communities.

Data Destruction

Extinguishing data is extremely important & safe measure for all companies. Deleted files if retrieved in wrong hands may cause damage to the organisation & can tamper with the company’s integrity…

Our 6th grade classes used Bluestar for a fundraiser. Not only did Louis provide great support prior to the event, they helped with advertising by posting on their website and providing banners and flyers. Not only did they provide ALL the manpower…but, they dropped off a check within a week! I had heard horror stories regarding not being paid for months after the event or never being paid.
Bluestar was fabulous!

Sheri M.Fremont, Ca



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Hard Drive Shredding For Your E-waste

Technology disposal is a complex regulatory issue. We bring the expertise to help you successfully navigate this constantly changing environment

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