Electronic waste, also referred as e-waste is the disregarded or obsolete electronic items. Some of the examples of e-waste include home appliances such as TV, microwave, computer, fan, DVDs and information technology equipment like laptops, PC, mobile phones, monitor, mouse etc. Recycling of e-waste is a growing trend and everyone is indulging in e-waste recycling […]

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If you don’t recycle, it is high time that you start thinking about recycling your garbage. Recycling plastics, electronics and other non-biodegradable products and garbage is an absolute necessity. Recycling prevents contamination and pollution caused by liquid and other metals that leak into air and water and infect them. Why is it good to recycle? […]

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After years of purchasing computers and related devices, this equipment becomes obsolete.  This dysfunctional equipment is of no use to the existing business but it can be recycled. If you are still keeping your assets, or computers and equipment sitting at your workplace then you can get rid of your e-waste easily through electronic waste […]

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More people are becoming aware and more are focusing on conservation of natural resources and cleanliness of the environment. Thanks to recycling of plastic, recycling computers is also getting famous. But where can you do the recycling of your obsolete computer? What is the process? Why should you do it? How can you recycle the […]

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We are now living in a world where it has become essentialfor each of usto do our part to conserve wisely. Increased pollution, fewer trees, and excessive use of natural sources, playa major role in pollution. Apart from these, there is one more thing that has become a major concern …e-garbage. E-garbage is when we […]

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